February 18, 2017

Our Story

          In  the Spring of 2009 we met on the soccer field at Saddleback College.  Liana was finishing her last year there and planning to transfer to Colorado to finish her next 2 years of college.  This was not the best timing for us to start a relationship since she moved over a 1000 miles away shortly after we started dating. The next year was a tough one for  us, since we only saw each other once every few months. Randy was still living in Laguna Niguel.  Liana came home for the summer in 2010 and somehow convinced Randy that, since he was finished at Saddleback and had to transfer to a 4 year college, why not come to Colorado.  He agreed and after a year of estabilishing residence he became a full time student at Colorado State.  

         While Randy was working on obtaining his college degree, Liana graduated from CCU and started her life long objective of being a soccer coach.  The next few years were truely growing years for our relationship.  We are pretty sure that the dogs kept us together. I guess that was a good thing because we are now making the commitment to be together forever.  For now we have decided to stay in Colorado and work on our careers, but we do miss our family and friends and perhaps someday we'll move back to California.   Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.


Liana and Randy